When a miracle falls from the sky at your feet…It’s amore!

My gentle harp alarm sounds and I snooze it a few times until I have about 4 minutes to get out the door. I run out, head to pilates one building over, complete my session and as I’m running back, notice this long stemmed beautiful vibrant red rose staring at me.

I know I was groggy, but there was no way this gorgeous flower was here before. It was almost like it dropped from heaven to my feet, as a sign.

What was more interesting is that it was in perfect condition and there were no thorns.

As I’m sure you believe in signs as well, I knew red roses were a symbol of love, but what was with the missing thorns….thanks to Mr. Google, I learned that it meant blessings and LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

Ok, so it’s one day post Valentines and there’s a pretty large chance I would be surrounded by flowers. But why a long stemmed rose. At my feet. When I had passed that exact spot 30 minutes ago.

As per Mike Dooley’s teachings, I set desires in motion, I was committed to the feeling of JOY and allowed the Universe to work on my behalf, behind the scenes. This rose was a symbol of what’s to come.

So I wanted to share…when you put your desires out to the universe – WITHOUT attachment to the outcome, signs will literally fall at your feet! Trust.And.Believe!

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