5 mistakes we’re all making when it comes to our skincare

We hear so many different opinions, it’s hard to keep track of what’s right or wrong. Ultimately, it’s important to see how your skin reacts, but here are some tips to correct some of the myths we’ve been told”

>>>>>>>>>>>Cleansing Once Instead Of Twice
Not to be confused with over-cleansing, double cleansing is one of the key components of healthy and clean skin.

Double cleansing involves a makeup-removal step, usually an oil, followed by a traditional cleansing foam, cream or wash.

Why double cleanse?

Well, cleansing a second time means that you are ensuring that every trace of pollution is thoroughly removed from your face.

There’s no point in having serums, eye creams and night creams if they just sit on the surface of the skin doing nothing!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Not Wearing Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t what first comes to mind when you say the word “skincare” to people.

However, it is arguably the most important product in anyone’s routine.

If you’re doing nothing else, cleanse properly and wear sunscreen every freakin’ day – no exceptions.

UVB rays are the ones that cause sunburn, tan and can contribute to the development of skin cancers but UVA rays are around all year.

Don’t believe exposure to light makes you look much older? Google “solar elastosis”.

The key thing you’re looking for in a sunscreen that is broad spectrum (meaning it protects from UVA and UVB rays).


We love exfoliation here at The Skin Nerd, as long as it is not a scrub or a grit – scrubs and grits cause mechanical damage to the skin, meaning that they leave lots of tiny little tears across its surface.

Acid and enzyme-based exfoliation is much more respectful to the skin as it doesn’t scrape off dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, it just prompts them to slough themselves off.

Lots of folks make the mistake of exfoliating with highly potent products far too often.

Over-exfoliation can lead to compromised function of the skin’s barrier, which, as mentioned earlier, means dry skin, more spots, tenderness and irritation.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Leaving Makeup On Overnight

You’ve definitely heard this before but it is not an over-exaggeration.

When you leave your makeup on overnight, you are essentially keeping a big old pollution mask on your face for 7-8 hours.

This means breakout central, as your skin’s natural oils can’t escape and become trapped in the pore, leading to the formation of spots.

On top of that, cosmetic makeup often contains incredibly drying ingredients that can strip your skin of its protective barrier. When your skin is dehydrated and your barrier is impaired, it will look dull, flaky and may even become irritated more easily than usual.

For us, leaving makeup on overnight is an absolute no-no – never do it, never ever, ever.

That’s why we adore the Cleanse Off Mitt for a bit of a skincare cheat night – just add water and it removes makeup whilst respecting the skin. As easy as wipes but so much better for your skin!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Using Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are villainous to the skin.

They seduce people with their promise of being easy to use and affordable but they can cause so much damage to the skin. Sorry, wipes users!

The majority of facial wipes and baby wipes contain drying alcohols and sensitising fragrances.

This means they dehydrate the skin, causing “drinkles” (dehydrated wrinkles) and stripping your skin of its essential barrier – the shield that stops the baddies from getting in and the hydration from getting out.

Drying out the skin may sound good to those with oily skin.

Newsflash: when you’re oily, it means that your skin has too much oil, not too much hydration. When the skin becomes dehydrated, it creates more oil to compensate for the dryness which in turns means more spots. No thanks.

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