I’m originally from NJ and always had a vivid imagination. I would play school, singer, dancer and anything under the sun from my pink themed room with large vanity and smurf figurines on top of the window sills. So the fact that I’m now writing a blog in pure fantasy format – law of attraction style – shouldn’t surprise you!
Growing up I never knew what I wanted to do, but I loved being a creative…doing things for the pure fun of it without having a strategy of where I was going with it.
That attitude has served me quite well. And now, after graduating with a Bachelors and Masters in Technology, I’m leaving the tech support behind and venturing into digital marketing, all things social media and BLOGGING!
I’m a huge animal advocate and my fur baby, Clemenza is the light of my life. You’ll see her frequently on my posts!
Fast forward from dancing queen in her childhood bedroom to NOW, it’s only fitting to have a site called LIGHT UP YOUR REFLECTION. I want to share stories about how self-love, manifesting, kindness being contagious and ways to live a more fulfilled life has been helpful to me in efforts to add some relief, love and truth bombs to your life.
You’ll get to see all of my personality but just to give you a glimpse, I’m NOT a realist. I am what you call a dreamer in every sense. I work with energy and angels very heavily and believe we can all heal ourselves: mind, body and soul.
Thanks for coming along on the adventure. Buckle up

Janine Brunetti