You’ve been longing for things to change but no matter what you do, you’re running in circles!  Tired. Sick. Depressed. And searching for answers- a healing provides solace against the ripples of life’s tides. I’m here as a vessel to heal you via the magic of the angels.

**Introductory Offer**

Join us here in Light Up Your Reflection Facebook Group and take advantage an introductory healing rate, a FREE angel card reading in the group and a supportive community where you’ll receive different healing techniques, angel healing options and information to add more peace into your life!

Heal with Me! Express


This is an introductory session where I’ll pull an angel card for you, ground, heal and clear your energy for your highest good.


Healing via Phone

FREE angel card reading with a healing and personalized meditation  $77

Angel Card Reading and Body Scan/Healing


Healing via Email

FREE angel card reading and channeled message from the angels $22

After grounding and connecting to your energy, I will email you a copy of the angel card reading and messages I’ve received from your angels.

Angel Card Reading


You have the option to ask a question and I’ll pull an angel card to answer the question. If you don’t have a specific question, I can go by the guidance of the angels and message you what the angels want you to hear.


“I just had an Angel Healing with Janine Brunetti. From beginning to end she was so wonderful and spot on. The angels told her my physical problems and did a healing for me. I truly feel so much better and lighter now. She asked my guardian angel for a massage to me and what she told me brought me into a full blown cry (happy cry) ?. The angel showed her, me sitting with a butterfly on my leg. Guess what!!! Every time I see a butterfly I know it’s my mom!!! She passed in 2005 and she’s been with me all this time. The reason why I’m 100% sure that it was my mom is because my friend, who is a medium connects me with my mom and she always shows butterflies. My mom loved butterflies ? and I’ve been meaning to get a tattoo of one for a while now. I feel so blessed for this wonderful healing.” -KL

“My healing session with Janine gave me great insight into what my life purpose is. I felt lighter and filled with joy after we were finished! I know my angels are with me!” – AP