Hey Hey Welcome! I’m Janine and I’m originally from Joisey, but my soul called me to NYC. I love it here and feel like this is my HOME but let’s be honest…everything is rather pricey. Instead of moving out of the place I love most, or getting a second job that would keep me outside the home I love, I decided to look at work from home options. Unfortunately alot of WFH positions pay a very low per hour rate and I wanted unlimited potential. So I ventured out into my OWN BUSINESS! THIS BUSINESS you’ve been reading about has SAVED MY LIFE! When i was let go from a corporate role of 11 years, I had THIS BUSINESS and it’s residual income to not only keep my income afloat, but also helped my bruised ego. Having a purpose where self-development is paramount made me feel whole! My business allows me to help people, just like YOU, strengthen their belief in themselves, their confidence, their potential all while feeling beautiful inside and out. Becoming the best version of myself and helping others do the same is so rewarding and a huge benefit to humanity. Hop into my FB Group to learn more about my brand and community. Feel free to schedule a quick complimentary call via this link to see if this is the life you’re looking for too! In order to get you the most up to date information about what’s going on in our business, please subscribe below.