One of the 6 of the things that get better as we age

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I was reading a blog from a company that focuses on anti-aging, so when I saw their newest article about ways life gets better as we age; I was prompted to take a closer look.

So the magic number they’re referring to is the BIG 4-0. But I would say, it could even happen in the late 30s. Changes in memory, body and perspective seemed to shift for me.

I know my skin now is the best it’s ever looked in my adulthood. And beyond the exterior, I am more at peace with who I am as well. I wanted to share my spin on their 6 ways.

1. You’re happier with yourself. And I’ll take this a little further – we find our way, what makes us happier and that we create that independently of circumstances and outside influences. According to a 16-year study of thousands of Americans of all ages, self-esteem rises through adulthood and reaches its peak, surprisingly, at age 60.

2. The glass starts to look half-full. More than being positive, it’s taking the situations that happen, and making the best of them acknowledging that it’s happening FOR us and not TO us.
3. You become the expert. I love to learn and sometimes get into a cycle of continuous learning without implementing what I’ve learned, but I have to agree that a lot of the topics we were once the student about, we’re now the teacher.

4. Your friendships are deeper. Appreciation of true friendships really matter. Loyalty, respect and understanding go a long way. And although the circle may be smaller or quite different, it’s much deeper.

5. You don’t take anything for granted. This is true as gratitude takes center stage and understanding how short life is and blessed we are will definitely shift as we get older.

6. Your skin can improve. I can personally attest to this. Now I know what my skin needs to stay healthy between drinking water, taking vitamin and putting back the ingredients that we lose as we age. Putting in the right care so you can look as young as you feel is what the author highlighted and wanted to keep that in here.

Thank you for reading and Love the Skin You’re In,


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