Taking Skincare On The Road

With airport restrictions, ovepacked bags and a to do list a mile long, skincare may get lost in the shuffle! Here’s some vacation skincare tips when you’re on the go!

💼 Pack your normal skin care products but in travel-size containers. Bring your regular skin care products so you can continue your current, familiar routine while vacationing. Using unfamiliar dermal products while in a hot, dry or hot and dry climate? Unwise. Instead, preemptively buy small containers to store your skin care products so you can have all of your necessities at hand to take with you.

✈️ Take to the skies without makeup. The extremely dry air on planes can combine with makeup to make dry skin even drier. In that light, try to go sans makeup on the plane, and make sure to wear extra moisturizer.

☀️ Pack sunscreen. Although this probably seems obvious, ladies, always wear a sun protection factor product on both your body and your face at all times outside on vacation.

💦 Hydrate! Stay hydrated on vacation. Many vacationers overindulge in soda and so-called adult beverages, so drink plenty of water to counteract the diuretic effects of more than the usual amount of caffeine and similar things.

🔋Recharge your skin at night. Because your skin may get a bit too much sun during the day, make sure to take special care of it at night. Wash your face, use your serums and moisturize really well before bedtime.

P. S. Enjoy 🚘 🚂 ✈️

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