How Can I Help You?

Hello! Janine Here!

I’m a native New Yorker. A fur mom to a miniature dachshund that’s the light of my life. I have been studying the mind-body connection for over 10 years, but I didn’t know that was the field I was legitimately studying. I understood that the mind, and one’s mindset, is powerful enough to change your life and heal your body. That was enough for me to explore further.

I had worked with a few healing modalities and I found myself really looking at my life and understanding why I had struggled with my weight since I was 14. I had been on every diet, read countless books, listened to videos, wrote affirmations until my hand hurt and nothing worked.

I knew it was emotional and no matter how well I ate, or how much I exercised, I couldn’t release the weight. There was something non-physical holding on to this excess weight.

Queue hypnosis….I saw a Facebook friend who had lost almost 200 pounds through hypnosis and so I thought to myself, well, if she can lose almost a whole person in body weight, my 50 pounds should be a cinch! And I started my sessions immediately and saw little by little, the weight just releasing.

My patterns changed, my thoughts were better, healthier, and I was feeling like my relationship with food was a positive one. This was a first for me. More than just the weight loss, I was really yearning for a healthy relationship with my body and food. And after a few sessions, I felt it full blown!

I was who I always wanted to be, by just relaxing my conscious mind and allowing myself the experience of suggestions that would forever change the course of my life.

After watching the documentary HEAL on Netflix and seeing how much has changed for me, not just my weight, but my confidence and self-worth, I knew I was onto something here.

So I reached out to another Facebook friend who teaches Hypnosis and the journey continued. I took her course in Viva Las Vegas, and that was just the beginning of the new life I had always dreamed of. I am making an impact in such a great way. Performing group hypnosis and individual sessions is so very rewarding.

Although hypnosis isn’t a quick fix and a one session done type of thing, the relief that a client can feel after just one session is powerful and empowering to them. It gives them hope and a renewed lease on life.

My main focus as an entrepreneur is bringing hypnosis to the mainstream client base as an alternative therapy as well as speaking engagements to help educate the masses on what’s possible just by “changing your mind!”

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to working with you.