Free Inner Peace Meditation

Free Inner Peace Meditation

Happy Happy Everything and All Things To You!

No matter what you celebrate, the energy around Christmastime is magical. 

Although the magic is in the air, there’s also a bit of stress that comes a long with it. So much to do, people to see, gifts to buy/make, wrap, exchange, and tying up all the loose ends before we start a new decade!

There’s a lot on all of our plates, right? Totally normal, but there’s a way you can savor the moments in between the madness! There will always be something going on, and it’s important to be able to slow down, BREATHE and take inspired action.

I decided to create an inner peace meditation that can help with grounding, centering and savoring the moments.Enjoy it and stay present wherever possible. Time moves too quickly and life is too short to live otherwise.

Note: Please make sure you’re not driving while listening to this meditation. This meditation is to help you ground and center yourself amidst the hectic moments. Having the proper mental tools to not only survive, but thrive is crucial in these times. 


P.S. I’m happy to help you feel strong and prepared for whatever comes your way! Join us in our mindset playground for group hypnosis, mindset coaching, and weekly angel card pulls with meditation.

How to Do It Afraid in Pursuit of Your Dreams

How to Do It Afraid in Pursuit of Your Dreams

Here, I explain how fear can really take hold of your life. How mindset is key to being successful and faith can lift you up when you’re down.

There are so many times in our lives, when we just don’t understand why things happen. And it’s so important to know that if we truly believe, we are never alone.

Everything is happening for us as Matt Kahn says. He is truly a beacon of light and has helped me see my true self worth. And in turn, would love to help you see yours!

In my video, I show you what happen in the holiday concert I sang in and how stepping out in fear, and having faith saved the day!

If you would like more information on how mindset work can change your perspective and place you in a position of power in your life, please setup a discovery call here

If you’re not manifesting, here are 2 ways you can change it:

If you’re not manifesting, here are 2 ways you can change it:

Repetition of what you really want:

Affirmations, Mantras, Journaling and Self-Talk. Catching yourself mid-sentence when you’re not speaking in a way that’s in line with the results you want to see if very important. Meaning, if you’re speaking negatively to yourself, a positive result cannot manifest. It’s impossible. So, what you write, speak and think all have to be aligned in a manner that’s in agreement with what you want to bring into your life.

For example, if you look into the mirror and hate what you see, you’re not going to get to a point where you love your body. You can’t hate your body into shape or self love. It’s not about the thing you want – It’s about how you feel about the thing you want. Whether it’s that you don’t feel worthy enough for business success, a romantic relationship, a healthier body. You have to believe in yourself enough that the thing you want MUST happen! Why? Because you’re going to uplevel and outgrow the old thoughts that no longer serve you.

To help you get on track – improve your thoughts and actions, I have a 4 day Manifestation course on Facebook that has meditations, daily activity, homework and tools you can use in your everyday life. If you keep doing what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.

It’s important to keep pushing ahead, but with laser focus and with activity that yields results. So often, we continue doing the same thing over and over…you know what that’s the definition of! Grab your 4 day entry into the Manifestation Course where you’ll be on a more positive route permanently!

Regsiter for the Manifestation Course Here.

Manifestation Class

Tips and strategies for marvelous manifestation
How to set up a gratitude alarm on your phone.
Binaural beats/ Subliminal messages.
How to check your language on the daily to keep in the receiving mode
Vision board ideas.
Tips to create new habits.
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Reprogramming what you believe: 

The only way for your external life to change is to believe in what you want. If what you believe and want aren’t in alignment, it cannot materialize. So for instance, you know what feels good to you or not. Even what decision to make or how to eat for your best and highest good. But if manifesting what you really wanted was that easy, you would be doing it, right? So what’s stopping you from getting what you want – it’s because there’s something underneath the surface that’s not happening. This at a subconscious level. In order to get what you want and restore your connection between who you are and what you do, you need to reprogram your subconscious beliefs.

See, what happens is that life’s experiences (perceived good or bad), influences from external factors, media, family circumstances, medical issues, etc have separated us from who we really are. That’s where hypnotists come in.

We help you believe in yourself again creating that draw to who you really are with strengthened self-worth. To gain your clarity and get back in touch with who you really are, I can help you tap back into your subconscious mind, tweaking your deepest beliefs so that your unconscious and conscious minds are in sync so that what you truly desire can manifest.

For more information on sessions and how they can help you, find out more by scheduling a complimentary consultation.

3 Sure Fire Unconventional Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

3 Sure Fire Unconventional Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Do you really want to say “I don’t eat that” or can’t eat that every time you see an opportunity to savor something. Wouldn’t it be nice to allow yourself to take a bite and enjoy it instead of restricting yourself and then depriving , craving and then binging?

Or rather…live your life in a way that food isn’t the focal point of your day, week, holiday season or year.

I saw a good example today at one of my favorite coffee shops. It’s a little hole in the wall, with all freshly baked biscuits, soups and desserts. The aroma of warm baked goods gives me the cozy feeling all over. So I’m sipping on my hot coffee with cinnamon sprinkled on top and notice this woman pacing back and forth staring at the breakfast casserole in the glass casing.

So she asked the clerk, May I have a raspberry glazed scone, chocolate chip cookie and buttermilk biscuit? And I’m trying to talk myself out of the breakfast casserole” The clerk paid her no mind and kept packing the goodies. She gets up to the register and then asks him ” Have you had that breakfast casserole?” and he responds “YES IT’S DELICIOUS” so she said, “OK FINE I’LL TAKE ONE!”

After she left, I asked the clerk, do you ever feel guilty eating a breakfast casserole? to which he responds, No, never, it’s a hearty breakfast.

So, that response prompted me to write this blog post for those who are struggling with making the right food choices. I had to get up and take a picture of this breakfast casserole because I was amazed to see how this mini breakfast item took such control over a grown adult.

I’m not judging because I was the same way. I would join a 21 day challenge, starve myself, then punish myself if I couldn’t stick to the plan and then start gaining it back day 22. I didn’t actually learn about what made me feel good or what foods made my body happy! Diets have detached us from making decisions that feel good to us mind body and soul.

In efforts, to help you understand that it’s not all about dieting for the rest of your life or exercising until you drop,

I wanted to share 3 Unconventional Ways to Lose Weight without dieting. Grab it here

And you’ll find that you can make simple mindset shifts to get you to your goal without the blood, sweat and tears…. YOU GOT THIS!

#MindsetMonYay Learning a lesson from my acupuncturist

#MindsetMonYay Learning a lesson from my acupuncturist

I was lying there on the acupuncture table. I asked my acupuncturist if she treats herself and she said let me tell you about a Chinese saying.

The quote she told me about was so much more than about acupuncture.

It helped me realize as a certified hypnotist, it’s okay to still ask for hypnosis help and learn / grow.

If we’re not learning, what are we really doing? It’s all about being open. Being coachable.

While it’s important to implement and be confident about the value you’re giving, the real gift is in connecting with others and yourself.

Mindset is funny really. We can be so mentally strong and just one comment, one situation, one news story can derail us.

It’s so important to reach out and ask for help. We’re all in this together.

Have a peek at my #MindsetMonday live. And don’t ever give up on yourself!

Janine’s Facebook live – Mindset Monday

THIS is For all my fellow yo yo dieters out there!

THIS is For all my fellow yo yo dieters out there!

Check out my FB live here where I explain how you can cut the string to your yo yo dieting permanently so you can start loving your body, having a healthy relationship with food as well as enjoy the holiday season without making her another New Years resolution to lose weight

Check it out here

And if you’re called to permanently exit the emotional roller coaster of losing weight to only gain it back plus some, I invite you to sample a #TasteOfHypnosisForTheHolidays here. If you’ve tried it all and are ready to give an alternative perspective a whirl, it’ll be the last time you have to say “nothing’s worked!”