8 Benefits of Hypnosis

8 Benefits of Hypnosis

Can hypnosis really help me?  

Some people are understandably a little apprehensive about considering hypnotherapy  as a treatment, usually because of misconceptions by what they have seen on the television or in films.  But when you think about the benefits that can come from Hypnosis you’ll see it’s really worth it:

1. Hypnosis can help treat addictions

An addiction builds up over time, people are born with certain temperaments, certain predispositions and certain behaviors. Genes, environment, upbringing and childhood experiences can combine to make certain people more prone to addiction than others. Hypnosis can help you regain control of your thoughts and actions ensuring you make the right choices, it also helps alleviate the physical symptoms of addiction. Hypnotherapy is proven to help break addictions for good so that you don’t relapse and become addicted again within a short time.

2. Hypnosis can help you lose weight and keep it off 

One of the key benefits of Hypnotherapy is  to help people lose weight but as you can imagine many factors have to be accounted for. Weight loss can be one of the easiest and most rewarding sessions a hypnotherapist can do but can also be one of the hardest. Hypnotherapy is proven to be 30% more effective than  just dieting alone when it comes to weight loss.

3. Hypnosis can help manage chronic pain 

If you have a disease or ailment that leaves you in frequent pain like Fibromyalgia, Arthritis or Migraines then you already know that sometimes it feels like nothing will stop the pain.  You can use hypnosis and meditation techniques when drugs and diet have not helped you manage your condition. Very often intense pain can be brought under quick effective control using self-hypnosis. If nothing else is working for you when it comes to controlling your pain, or if you don’t want to take prescription painkillers, you should try hypnosis.

4. Hypnosis can help reduce stress

Stress can cause serious illness in people like heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and sleep disorders.  If you have a lot of stress in your life and your body is constantly in a high alert state, then one of the benefits of hypnotherapy would be learning some simple relaxation, hypnosis, and meditation techniques that can change your life. If you feel like you can’t get your stress levels under control by using diet, exercise and medicine, then it’s time to think about what hypnotherapy and hypnosis can do for you.  Because Hypnosis involves putting you in a deep state of relaxation it gives your mind and body a chance to recuperate, repair and heal itself by experiencing the relaxation that it desperately needs.

5. Hypnosis can help cure sleep disorders

Millions of people suffer from sleep disorders that range from full insomnia to night terrors, wakeful sleep, sleepwalking, and the inability to fall into the REM sleep which your body and mind needs.  Sleep disorders can cause a wide range of other problems like obesity and addiction to either sleeping medications or to caffeine or other stimulants in an effort to keep the body going even though it’s exhausted. Hypnosis can help treat the psychological problem that is causing the sleep disturbance while at the same time it puts the body in a deeply relaxed state that helps the body and mind become rejuvenated.

6. Hypnosis can promote deep relaxation

If you have ever tried meditation you know already the great things that relaxation does for the mind and body.  You can become more creative, better at problem solving, less irritable, and you can reduce your risk of health problems like heart disease or high blood pressure significantly if you meditate or relax regularly. But if you have trouble relaxing, or if you never seem to be able to relax deeply enough to really feel refreshed, then you should try hypnosis. Hypnosis is a wonderful way to experience truly deep relaxation that will make you feel much healthier and alert.

7. Hypnosis can help you change your behavior

Are you the kind of person that is always snapping at others? Do you get irritated and angry often? Do you have trouble managing your anger? Hypnosis can help you change your behavior patterns so that you can be healthier and happier. Often behavioral patterns are learned in childhood, but a hypnotic suggestion given while you’re in a deep hypnotic state can help you get rid of those old messages telling you to behave in certain ways and replace the with messages to act in new, more appropriate ways. If you are the type of person who has a short fuse and quick temper then you should already realize that what you are creating about in that moment is nothing to do with the real reason for the anger. If you are trying to recover from the effects of a dysfunctional family or an abusive childhood using Hypnosis to help eliminate the unhealthy patterns that you learned to survive can be very therapeutic. Hypnosis can help you identify with the real underlying issues in your life that make you react to thing the way you do. Of course this not only benefits you the client but your family, friends and work colleagues who have close contact with you.

8. Hypnosis can help treat Anxiety and Depression 

Many people are reluctant to take medication to treat anxiety and depression because they don’t want to become dependent on these notoriously addictive medicines.  Other people just can’t seem to find a medication that works for them. Enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy using this drug free and effective way to calm anxiety and to treat the symptoms of depression. By using hypnotic suggestions to eliminate the triggers of anxiety and depression people that suffer from depression and anxiety can sometimes find 100% relief from these conditions by using Hypnosis.

Influences On Weight Loss

Influences On Weight Loss

Have you finally figured out that getting to your ideal weight and staying there has little to do with actual will power? How many diets and pills have you tried with no lasting success? The likely reason for previous failure in your weight control lies within your subconscious mind, and therein lies the key to your success!



Clinical studies have shown that excess stress in our busy lives cause hormonal reactions that induce our bodies to retain body fat, in addition to contributing to other health problems. Chronic stress states also trigger bouts of compulsive and binge eating. Giving yourself the gift of stress management through hypnotic techniques is the single most effective tool for weight reduction and control.

Imprints from childhood

As a child, were you told to “clean your plate”? Did someone close to you bribe or reward you with food when you were growing up? Do certain foods bring back warm and loving feelings that you associate with happy times in your childhood? Hypnosis is the venue to identify triggers and unhealthy beliefs, and then update them to no longer keep you from your weight goals.

Emotional eating

It’s no surprise to learn that cells that process emotions line the stomach. Emotional upset often brings distress to the digestive system that can be mistaken for hunger. Hypnosis helps identify not only what you really hunger for, but how to respond in more healthy ways to your emotions.

Self-protection or other outdated functions

At some point, our subconscious sets up patterns of belief and behavior in order to deal with certain situations. These stay in place until the subconscious is convinced otherwise. Hypnosis is the path to address and re-structure these “programs”.

Stuffing Feelings

Hanging on to negative emotions is unhealthy, just like eating a dozen donuts at a time! Hypnosis is a safe and confidential place to release those pent up feelings.

Lack of Focus and Motivation

Sometimes, it’s just so hard to start! Hypnosis will focus your desire for a healthy body from a vague possibility to a clear and realistic outcome.

Outside Sabotage

Are you allowing others to influence your weight? Hypnosis will help you become “de-hypnotized” by our culture’s unhealthy food influences and instead become resistant to negative forces outside yourself.

Sleep Issues

Inadequate or interrupted sleep can make a big difference in weight! Many overweight people just don’t get the right quality of restorative sleep, resulting in increased stress and cortisol levels. One side effect of hypnosis is improved sleep.

Chronic Pain and other Medical Conditions

Dealing with chronic medical challenges can lead a person to inappropriate eating habits in an effort to feel better. You can learn to naturally ease pain and other suffering without resorting to unhealthy eating.

Not only can obesity affect life quality and expectancy, it can be responsible for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes Type II, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure and joint problems including osteoarthritis.

6-Week Intuitive Eating Program

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Managing Anxiety & Depression

Managing Anxiety & Depression

The following are some of the typical signs of depression that may take over slowly like a fog rolling in on what was previously a sunny day and now is becoming darker with each minute.

  • Symptom #1 – “Now, I can’t get out of bed in the morning. I just don’t have the same interest in things that I used to.”

  • Symptom #2 – “I have body pains and I’m worried that I may have (fibromyalgia, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, etc.).”

  • Symptom #3 – “I can’t seem to stop overeating and I gained 40 pounds.” Or “I have gone back to drinking, smoking cigarettes or pot, etc.”

  • Symptom #4 – “I’m having trouble sleeping at night and I’m exhausted.”

  • Symptom #5 – “I cry at the drop of a pin, but mostly I feel numb.”

Often these symptoms will be treated with drugs prescribed by a doctor. Anti-depressants, sleep medication, and perhaps a diet or stop smoking program will be prescribed. These treatment methods, of course, are aimed at symptom relief but don’t get down to treating the underlying cause of the depression.

Eliminate Anxious Feelings through Hypnosis

Emotion has to be followed by action in the form of expression. If one is not expressing, whether being scared to express or not given the opportunity to express, anxious feelings may emerge. For example, one feeling the emotion of anger may become scared of feeling the physical and mental aspects that related with anger. This person may not like to see themselves when they are angry.

Perhaps this person did not like that he or someone that he witnessed was yelling or lashing out in what he considered as “inappropriate” ways. Think of a child covering his ears, closing his eyes, and huddling up in fetal position because the yelling was too much for him to handle.

In this case, being scared of feeling the feelings of any “negative” emotion such as hurt and sadness, and thinking that it’s not okay to feel these emotions brings about anxious feelings. Anxiety or anxious feelings is one of the most common issues affecting most Americans, and yet it is one of the least understood of issues on a deeper level. Hypnotherapy for anxiety identifies and uncovers the deeper conflict of wanting to feel the emotions yet feeling that it’s not okay to feel the actual emotions and desires.

Anxiety Arises Out Of The Thoughts

One may argue that anxiety is a real emotion because one can feel the panic attacks and other heightened physical symptoms associated with anxiety. However, when one is using the mind to control the emotions from showing so much, the emotion has no outlet so the body creates the physical response in the form of panic attacks, etc. One can literally think themselves into a panic attack. Therefore, anxiety arises out of the thoughts. Using the mind to control the fear of having a panic attack creates anxious feelings or anxiety.

The subconscious mind tends to relive experiences over and over, and sometimes it’s scared to go through the emotions of the negative experiences again, feeling that the negative experience may happen again in the future. Most of us are programmed to suppress the negatives, deny it, or try not to feel it which causes the anxious feelings in anxiety because we innately know that as human beings, we are made to feel.

Embrace All Of Your Feelings Through Hypnosis

Using hypnosis for anxiety and anxiousness works to help you get in touch with your feelings in a way that’s safe and appropriate for you. I also work to help transform the beliefs associated with anxiety and we help you with the issue of control so that you can become more aware of your true emotions.

Some of us feel numb emotionally because we are controlling the feelings from emerging. Feeling so scared to deal with what’s beneath this numb state makes us control even other aspects of our lives surrounding it. Some of us feel that anything and everything can trigger those emotions. These triggers have you crying for anything or lashing out for any little thing in life.

With this, it’s like a barrel full of emotions and anything more happening in life makes that barrel easily overflow, hence triggering the emotional responses. Either way, hypnotherapy for anxiety and anxious feelings can help you to embrace all of your feelings, helping you to develop the skills and abilities to deal with your own feelings and transform them in a more healthy way.