Complimentary Hypnosis Audio

Note: You will receive an email with the download link available if you are not able to listen to this recording at the moment.

“One of the most asked questions is “Does this work” and the answer is YES!

A repeated thought becomes a habit. And if you’re able to create a thought, you’re able to change that thought to create a new habit.

I recorded this with a habit for you to choose that’s most appropriate for what you’re trying to change: could be your relationship with food, positive thinking, chronic pain, a fear or even business success and sports performance.

The beauty of hypnosis is that it’s all self - hypnosis. I’m just here to guide you and enable you to recreate your reality by changing some of the feelings, ideas, associations and beliefs in your subconscious mind that are hindering you from living your best life.

Some quick reminders before you listen:

  • Have a habit in mind to reprogram

  • There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way

  • Your experience may vary each time

  • You want to listen for 7-10 days

  • Changes are subtle, not immediate

Directions for listening to audios:

  • Don't listen to the recordings while driving a vehicle.

  • Arrange for about 20 minutes of peace and quiet so you aren’t disturbed during the session.

  • You will want to be able to listen to me on speaker phone, or have ear buds, so that your hands are free.

  • Avoid coffee and energy drinks a couple hours prior to listening so that you’re able to relax easily.

  • Lie down, or relax in a reclining chair.

  • Continue listening even after positive changes have begun.

What hypnosis does is it helps quiet down the conscious mind, which is where the logic, reason, deductive reasoning does live, and goes into the subconscious mind to implant hypnotic suggestions for creating new associations that can better serve you.