Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be Hypnotized?

Everyone can be hypnotized. In fact, people go into a light state of hypnosis every night on their way to sleep and every morning as they are waking.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A hypnotist or is simply a guide in the process. That means that you can only be hypnotized if you want to be.

Do I have to believe in hypnosis in order for this to work?

Belief in hypnosis is not required for hypnosis to be effective. Hypnosis is a science. The only things that are required are the desire for change, the ability to hear my voice and a willingness to follow directions.

What does hypnosis feel like?

The one thing that everyone has in common is a feeling of calm, peacefulness, and relaxation that begins during the hypnosis session and stays with you for hours or days afterwards.

How will I know I am hypnotized?

There is no such a thing as a hypnotized feeling and most clients on completion would say they “felt deeply relaxed and aware”. Others may feel lightness or a tingling feeling, others feel heaviness while others report they did not feel anything.

Can a person in hypnosis be controlled?

No. If the hypnotherapist were to give you suggestions that you didn’t agree with or were morally against your beliefs, you would either reject them.

Can a hypnotist make me do something I don’t want to do?

You are allowing the hypnotist to guide you into your deeper and broader memory and other resources. You are free to reject and receive any suggestion at any time.

Can I get “stuck” in the hypnotic state?

You can’t get stuck. Since hypnotic levels are altered states between being fully awake and being completely asleep, you would merely fall asleep and wake up when you are ready.

Will I reveal any secrets when hypnotized?

No. Since you are in charge, and letting yourself be hypnotized, your own mind determines how much or how little you wish to contribute to a hypnosis session. You can just as freely answer and not answer questions in a hypnotic state as you do in a wide-awake one.

What can hypnosis help me with?

Just because you don’t see it listed here, doesn’t mean that hypnosis can’t help. I always tell people to call or e-mail me and ask if you have any more questions.

How many sessions will it take to see the change I desire?

I take a client centered approach to hypnotherapy so everything I do is customized to each individual. I help you learn at the pace you are most comfortable with so you can see and experience the results you want.