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Written By janinebrunetti

On December 14, 2019

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Happy Happy Everything and All Things To You!

No matter what you celebrate, the energy around Christmastime is magical. 

Although the magic is in the air, there’s also a bit of stress that comes a long with it. So much to do, people to see, gifts to buy/make, wrap, exchange, and tying up all the loose ends before we start a new decade!

There’s a lot on all of our plates, right? Totally normal, but there’s a way you can savor the moments in between the madness! There will always be something going on, and it’s important to be able to slow down, BREATHE and take inspired action.

I decided to create an inner peace meditation that can help with grounding, centering and savoring the moments.Enjoy it and stay present wherever possible. Time moves too quickly and life is too short to live otherwise.

Note: Please make sure you’re not driving while listening to this meditation. This meditation is to help you ground and center yourself amidst the hectic moments. Having the proper mental tools to not only survive, but thrive is crucial in these times. 


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