Three Ways Hypnosis Can Help You Ace Exams

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Written By janinebrunetti

On January 17, 2020

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Even if you know the material you’re studying, your limiting belief about not being a good test taker can hold you back. There are many people who are good students, but have created a story around not being good with standardized tests.

That’s just what it is – a story. And once we create a pattern of thought around a past experience or fear how terribly we can fail, we need to create new patterns of thought to break the old associations.

Whether you’re getting preparing for Regents, (P)SATs, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, Series 7 or Standardized Tests in school, hypnosis can help you with test taking and performance.

Why can it help? Because if you’re studying an applying yourself, the information is already stored within your subconscious mind.

Here are ((3)) benefits of using hypnosis

  1. Increase your Test Taking Skills: It all starts with confidence. It’s important to have belief in yourself first. Hypnosis can increase your confidence with your test taking skills. Many clients increase at least 10% after the first session.
  2. Reduce Test Anxiety: This is achieved through something called anchors. Anchors allow you to essentially bookmark the feelings you can summon back to you at anytime. Using self-hypnosis, you can leverage the anchor we set in the session during the test which will allow you to create space between yourself and the anxiety. Again, results increased in about 20% from the initial session.
  3. Increase Memory Recall: If you’re taking action and practicing, memory recall is a cinch. All the information is saved in your subconscious mind file. When you’re hypnotized for memory recall, reinforcing the calm, confident feeling you’ll have during the test, you’re set up for success.

Long story short, regardless of what test you’re preparing for, hypnosis can help you too!

It can be as simple as a geometry test or any major certification test such as MCAT, Realtor, Police, EMT, or any other achievement you’re striving to accomplish. The only stipulation is that you’ve invested the time to prepare, and hypnosis will do the rest!

Ready to experience hypnosis for yourself?

Book a free phone consultation HERE, or leave a comment here so we can discuss your next test taking success!

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