Hypnosis Myths Debunked

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Written By janinebrunetti

On January 11, 2020

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Here are ((3)) TRUTHS about Hypnosis which will help you in understanding why it’s used and the benefits:

TRUTH: Hypnosis does NOT conflict with religion

Hypnosis leverages the power of your mind, and I say YOUR mind, because it’s based on your brain waves. This is science, safe and without side effects.

TRUTH: Hypnosis does NOT have side effects

Hypnosis is an effective tool to ease chronic pain, overcome fears, release weight, stop smoking and other problems. While prescription and OTC medications may have side effects, there are no negative side effects associated with hypnosis.

TRUTH: Hypnosis does NOT control you

You are in complete control while in hypnosis. In fact, you enter hypnosis every night before bed. It’s a brain wave state, not mind control. You have a gatekeeper that will not allow you to accept any suggestion that is morally / ethically not in your wheelhouse. Please note, it’s imperative to research and feel comfortable with your certified hypnotist prior to session.

A hypnostist is your facilitator, your guide. All the imagery and thoughts you have are created by you, so you can ease your fears that you will be told suggestions that are against your moral compass.


I’ve recorded a video to give examples of debunked myths in real life and why / how hypnosis will NOT work for you and how you can benefit the greatest from the hypnosis session!


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The Truth behind Hypnosis
Ever wonder what hypnosis actually is and what it can do for you? Janine Brunetti, Certified Professional Hypnotist, debunks the myths of hypnosis and explains how helpful hypnosis can be. Find out more in a private complimentary consultation.

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My main focus is bringing hypnosis to the mainstream as an alternative therapy as well as speaking engagements to help educate the masses on what’s possible just by “changing your mind!”


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