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After clients contacting me for specific issues, I thought about best ways I could serve them. I wanted to provide a custom method of working with them even if their time and budget didn’t allow for private sessions. I came up with an offering that would encompass an intake and discovery call to discuss what you’re experiencing now and what your goal state looks like going forward. I would customize a personal script for you, record it and provide the audio for you to have forever. I would then schedule a 30 minute mindset coaching call to integrate the subconcious suggestions into your everyday conscious life. For 1 topic, the investment would be $55 and for 2 topics, $97. To book either 1 or 2 topics, click on the BOOK THE 2020 OFFERING! button below to get started. You’ll schedule the complimentary consult, we’ll discuss your options and take the audio and coaching session from there! 

Private Hypnosis Sessions

There’s an option for a 30 minute complimentary consult to discuss what hypnosis is and isn’t and how hypnosis can help you. I’ll go over the general subconscious and conscious minds to explain how it affects you in daily life and how I’m going to leverage hypnosis to facilitate a change in your beliefs.

Since all hypnosis is all self-hypnosis, I’m just the guide who will empower you to be empowered to make these shifts. I’ll tell you what a typical session looks like and what to expect thereafter. The actual 1:1 session will start with a brief self assessment of how you’re feeling and then I’ll work through the therapy which is custom tailored for the issue you want to address. I’ll provide some techniques to use in between sessions as well.

Additional Details
There’s a 30 minute complimentary session the first time we speak and each session is 60 minutes. You receive a free audio hypnosis with a 5 session package.

✔︎ 1 session
✔︎ 3 sessions
✔︎ 5 sessions

Custom sessions are available depending on your needs.

Group Hypnosis

Both group and individual hypnosis sessions produce amazing results. If I had to give you some estimations, here are some statistics with the two types of hypnosis: 85-90% of the clients in one on one reach their goals by the end of a few sessions. 60-70% of the people who go to a few group hypnosis sessions reach their goals.

While 1:1 work is more customized for YOU, and you’ll have a faster result in less time, there’s great benefit in a group setting as well. For instance, people sometimes feel more comfortable having others around them, it’s less expensive and gives you an opportunity to see if you’d like a private session.

What a group session looks like:
I give suggestions that are effective to the group as a whole. They can be hosted in a small group in your home/ community/ club or we can have a zoom / online event. We can address any topic but my most common are:

✔︎ Weight loss
✔︎ Motivation
✔︎ Self-confidence
✔︎ Health and wellness
✔︎ Sales / Business boost
✔︎ Sports performance
✔︎ Reprogramming limiting beliefs
✔︎ Stress and anxiety relief

Additional Details:
Group Hypnosis Sessions are 90 minutes long and have to be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

✔︎ Sessions need to have at least five people
✔︎ You’ll receive a FREE audio hypnosis

Please contact me for more information!

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