Have you finally figured out that getting to your ideal weight and staying there has little to do with actual will power? How many diets and pills have you tried with no lasting success? The likely reason for previous failure in your weight control lies within your subconscious mind, and therein lies the key to your success!



Clinical studies have shown that excess stress in our busy lives cause hormonal reactions that induce our bodies to retain body fat, in addition to contributing to other health problems. Chronic stress states also trigger bouts of compulsive and binge eating. Giving yourself the gift of stress management through hypnotic techniques is the single most effective tool for weight reduction and control.

Imprints from childhood

As a child, were you told to “clean your plate”? Did someone close to you bribe or reward you with food when you were growing up? Do certain foods bring back warm and loving feelings that you associate with happy times in your childhood? Hypnosis is the venue to identify triggers and unhealthy beliefs, and then update them to no longer keep you from your weight goals.

Emotional eating

It’s no surprise to learn that cells that process emotions line the stomach. Emotional upset often brings distress to the digestive system that can be mistaken for hunger. Hypnosis helps identify not only what you really hunger for, but how to respond in more healthy ways to your emotions.

Self-protection or other outdated functions

At some point, our subconscious sets up patterns of belief and behavior in order to deal with certain situations. These stay in place until the subconscious is convinced otherwise. Hypnosis is the path to address and re-structure these “programs”.

Stuffing Feelings

Hanging on to negative emotions is unhealthy, just like eating a dozen donuts at a time! Hypnosis is a safe and confidential place to release those pent up feelings.

Lack of Focus and Motivation

Sometimes, it’s just so hard to start! Hypnosis will focus your desire for a healthy body from a vague possibility to a clear and realistic outcome.

Outside Sabotage

Are you allowing others to influence your weight? Hypnosis will help you become “de-hypnotized” by our culture’s unhealthy food influences and instead become resistant to negative forces outside yourself.

Sleep Issues

Inadequate or interrupted sleep can make a big difference in weight! Many overweight people just don’t get the right quality of restorative sleep, resulting in increased stress and cortisol levels. One side effect of hypnosis is improved sleep.

Chronic Pain and other Medical Conditions

Dealing with chronic medical challenges can lead a person to inappropriate eating habits in an effort to feel better. You can learn to naturally ease pain and other suffering without resorting to unhealthy eating.

Not only can obesity affect life quality and expectancy, it can be responsible for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes Type II, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure and joint problems including osteoarthritis.

6-Week Intuitive Eating Program

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