Are you lacking confidence? Here’s 3 Signs that Reveal Low Self Confidence

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Written By janinebrunetti

On January 5, 2020

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Are you lacking confidence? Here’s 3 Signs that Reveal Low Self Confidence

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1. unable to accept a compliment

When someone mentions something they like about you, if you’re denying it or downplaying it, it’s a sign of insecurity. When you can accept a compliment, you’re accepting that there is good about you and acknowledging it. It also is common to compliment others when you’re secure, because you know there’s no lack and by sharing kindness and goodwill, it takes nothing from you.


2. no eye contact

You know that the eyes are the windows to the soul, right? Well, people who don’t have confidence in themselves, find it challenging to meet another person eye to eye. It’s somewhat threatening or maybe even uncomfortable. When you meet someone eye to eye, you’re opening up a part of yourself you could protect and hide behind. 


3. exessively apologizing

When someone apologizes for no real reason it’s that they’re covering up for pending doom. Being confident and knowing you’re doing your best requires no apology, unless you truly did something that you have to be accountable for. But generally speaking, if you’re over-apologizing, it’s likely you’re trying to prevent a negative response before it even happens!

The good news is that confidence can be boosted…permanently. Just because you are resonating with one or all of these doesn’t mean you can’t reinvest yourself and start loving yourself without abandon! Because confidence is the crux of success in love, life and career.

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