Mindset Monday turning memes into reality

Written By janinebrunetti

On November 19, 2019
Release Blocks

There’s so many Memes that really resonate with so many people but how to actually implement them into your real life is the question, isn’t it?

There is a specific meme about learning how to save yourself because there’s no one coming.

And they were two examples of this happening this weekend one of them being a very uncomfortable situation in a car service and another one with looking for guidance from a mentor.

And what I learned was that at the end of the day, even though there are people there to help and support us, we really need to rely and depend on ourselves as our own hero.

That’s why I really focus so heavily on not only mindset tweaks but in all of my hypnosis sessions, providing tools and techniques that people can use in their every day life.

Listen in to my Facebook video here where I explain a little bit about what happened, how boundaries helped immensely and what you can do to create a solid mindset foundation for yourself as well.

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