Mindset Playground

Become the person you were meant to be. If you don’t have the time and money to seek coaching, hypnosis sessions and guidance, this is your ONE STOP SHOP for getting personal support in a safe space geared towards your inner growth. 

For less than the cost of your monthly smartphone bill, YOU can gain lifetime access to ALL of the below by investing a one-time fee of $88

The Mindset Playground Community

I meditation, I was called to create a private group with more intimate mindset coaching.

The Mindset Playground private Facebook group will include:

  • One group hypnosis session a month
  • One live mindset Q&A a month
  • Weekly live card pull with guided meditation
  • Weekly angel guidance
  • Discounted sessions, programs and free bonuses such as the 3 day Tap Into Your Confidence eCourse

+++Monthly Raffle for a FREE 30 minute hypnosis session!


Janine M Brunetti

I am a Certified Professional Hypnotist who is a fur mom to a Miniature Dachsund Clemenza.

My life’s work is around mindset and helping people tap into their own power and make lasting changes.

This group will help you learn the tools, techniques and hacks but also implement them. 

Life throws a lot of curve balls, and we have a choice in how to respond to people, situations and circumstances. My work is helping you not only survive, but to THRIVE!

For a ONE TIME fee of $88, you can have access to a Certified Professional Hypnotist to help you find your inner guidance, learn how to respond instead of react, see a different perspective and experience the joy from every life encounter. As Matt Kahn says, everything is happening FOR US! 

This is YOUR way to get coaching, subconcious mind programming, support and mindset tweaks for a one time fee that’s less than the cost of your smart phone bill! I look forward to having you in the group and supporting you in our safe space!