#MindsetMonYay Learning a lesson from my acupuncturist

Written By janinebrunetti

On November 26, 2019
Janine Brunetti - Professional Hypnotist

I was lying there on the acupuncture table. I asked my acupuncturist if she treats herself and she said let me tell you about a Chinese saying.

The quote she told me about was so much more than about acupuncture.

It helped me realize as a certified hypnotist, it’s okay to still ask for hypnosis help and learn / grow.

If we’re not learning, what are we really doing? It’s all about being open. Being coachable.

While it’s important to implement and be confident about the value you’re giving, the real gift is in connecting with others and yourself.

Mindset is funny really. We can be so mentally strong and just one comment, one situation, one news story can derail us.

It’s so important to reach out and ask for help. We’re all in this together.

Have a peek at my #MindsetMonday live. And don’t ever give up on yourself!

Janine’s Facebook live – Mindset Monday

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