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My life’s work is around mindset and helping people tap into their own power and make lasting changes.

This group will help you learn the tools, techniques and hacks but also implement them.

Life throws a lot of curve balls, and we have a choice in how to respond to people, situations and circumstances. My work is helping you not only survive, but to THRIVE! Join here 

What I found was, after going for your therapy, hypnosis, reiki, etc, there's no blueprint, plan or guide to follow thereafter. I wanted to provide a safe space where you can learn, grow and contribute what's helped you. This is a non-judgmental spirit based community for support, love and positivity. In the mindset playground, you can feel the support of a spirit based community who is working on the same things you are - getting better, stronger, and more joyful. We all have situations come up in life we may not be prepared for, but if we build a strong foundation, it's so much easier to bounce back from any circumstance. You will learn how to respond instead of react. And I will help raise your awareness around angel signs and how the universe conspires to have your back. I named this mindset playground so that you can learn, evolve and play yet learn mindset hacks, tips, tricks and techniques that help you stand tall and embrace life with fervor. Life can be very long or very short, depending on what you're going through and my goal with this group is to take it all in - the bad, good and the ugly and be an observer....Find your footing and enjoy the roller coaster ride!

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