Taste of Hypnosis for the Holidays: CRASH COURSE #2020Vision

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Guilt and Stress do more damage to your bodies than Holiday cookies ever will!

This holiday season, learn to savor the moments, make memories to last a lifetime and love your body so you don’t have to set resolutions in 2020…Live in a way you don’t need to escape from or bargain with. Make THIS year, YOUR year!

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Now that the holidays are coming to town (hehe that’s my cute Santa reference), I wanted to help those who are starting to fear the holiday gain! 

We aren’t taught to enjoy the holidays, tune into what our body wants and needs...we pretty much diet, then binge, feel guilt, rinse, lather and repeat! What if I were to show you that there was another way. You don’t have to keep 3-4 sizes of clothes in your closet and dresser. 

See, the issue with all these diets that claim to be lifestyle changes, is that it’s impossible to sustain. And while the scale may go down, the mental and emotional damage is increasing exponentially.

If you're wondering what I mean, it’s that while you may look better physically, the food rules, restrictions and deprivation are causing long term side effects. How many people do you know go on one or 2 diets and they’ve resolved all their foods issues? I don’t know any ...the people I know who diet have been on and off for decades. 

At 42, I decided enough was enough. No longer were snacks, sugars and fattening foods going to hold me hostage in my own body. 

I had made a decision to change - I was going to love my body at any size and never again torture my soul with another diet. No pills, no supplements, no laxatives, no fasting, juicing or anything else that would make me feel like I wasn’t good enough.

This CRASH COURSE I’m launching is for those who are SICK and TIRED of beating themselves up. Give yourself the gift of self love this holiday season. You don’t have to starve yourself, sign up for a gym membership you won’t use or exhaust yourself with the calorie counting and self loathing when you  can’t stick to a diet. 

You only live once, the holidays are only once a year. Start making decisions because it’s what you want and not because it’s what you SHOULD DO. 

Once you make the decision from a place of self love, you no longer yo yo diet or beat yourself up. You start living life on your terms and your reflection inevitably changes ahem improves! 

This 5 day crash course will offer you:

  • 2 Group Hypnosis Sessions ($100)
  • 1 Guided Meditation ($47)
  • 1 Mindset Coaching Video ($100)

Bonuses ($287)

  • Overview of how to leverage the hunger scale 
  • Reprogram your perspective of food
  • Tools to determine emotional vs physical hunger and how to deal with each
  • Mirror Work: See yourself in your mirror
  • Anchor the empowered feeling 
  • Create your 3 mantras you’ll repeat daily
  • EFT for Weight Loss (Tapping Routine) 
  • Activities to replace emotional eating

Total investment is $534 but MY HOLIDAY SPECIAL IS JUST $197

$197 is typically what I used to pay for a 21 jumpstart cleanse or 7 day fresh juice diet or an iniaition fee for a gym I never went to and felt guilty about. In 6 days, you will become more empowered, more loving towards yourself and more confident to trust your mind body connection and not only GET THRU the holidays, but savor and enjoy every minute without having to punish yourself with strict resolutions in January that you won’t be able to stick to - WILLPOWER doesn’t work and only taps into 5% of your mindset. Let’s get down to the deep seated beliefs that have kept you on this merry go ‘round, reprogram what’s not working for you in the last 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30+ years and crash course you into a new year with #2020Vision

Course starts Saturday December 6th 2019!! Get excited because this is just the beginning for you!


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