Weight Reset 4-Week Program


Do you…

➢ Struggle with the voice in your head telling you that you should lose weight?

➢ Avoid the mirror at all costs because you’re unhappy with what you see?

➢ Focus on your weight to define you?

➢ Question your worth based on your size?

If you said yes to any of these questions, this program is for you.

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During our 4 weeks together, you will receive:

➢ Four 1-hour private hypnosis sessions with mindset coaching ($896 value)
➢ Weekly Assignments ($97 value)
➢ Email support throughout the 4 weeks



Going through my own hypnosis sessions for weight loss, I knew in my mind I held the power to get to my goal weight, but the best part was how my relationship with food had improved.

Hypnosis is enough to change your mind and body and relationship with food. But now is the part where you need to trust yourself, your decisions without judgement and guilt.

Hypnosis is the first shift that enables you to make these changes mentally and physically. But the changes lie within YOU. Everyday and in every way, you have to use the power that you have in your subconscious which is now creating new habits for you.


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