Release Blocks to Step Into Your Purpose

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Written By janinebrunetti

On January 31, 2020

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I had a phone call yesterday with a client who wants to release blocks. After our conversation it had me thinking about blocks people face: Money, Mindset, Health, Joy, Self Esteem, Confidence, Love, Relationships, etc…

And it raised awareness around what I can do to help serve people. Block removal can be personal but a general block removal is quick simple to partake in, and it’s funny to see the things my clients manifest once they’re open.

We often sabotage ourselves with memories of our previous experiences. Every memory we have drives our future. So, the key here to create a new baseline for your future decisions to be made from.

The way to do this is not to erase all your memories, but to reframe them. The way you think about them will change and then the decisions you make will take on a new positive life.

For instance, if you’ve always avoided a certain food because you believed eating it would make you “FAT!”, we reframe that to neutralize your thought about it, so you can take it or leave it without have a charge about the food when thinking about it.

If you want to experience a FREE Group Block Removal, please click the button below which will grant you the access to the page. Enjoy! And know, anything is possible!

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