2 Ways To Remind Yourself Who You’re Meant To Be!

Written By janinebrunetti

On December 28, 2019
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What if it were actually quite simple to remind yourself who your meant to be?

I was watching a Hallmark movie (of course!) and it showed a woman running with a wedding dress and as she was passing Santa, she slipped and fell.  When she woke up, she head to her fiance and was talking about their upcoming wedding and he was looking at her like she had 5 heads.

It wasn’t apparent what happened, but they broke up and their engagement was actually 2 years ago. After being admitted to the hospital, it was determined that she was suffering from amnesia but the twist was, it was psychological. I never even knew this was a thing , but to be honest, isn’t it all psychological. I know with my hypnosis work, it’s all about reprogramming.

And, I’ll sum it up here to give you some advice on how to implement this in your own life:

With the hustle and bustle of everyday and pressures we have on the daily, some of us may disconnect from who we really are, that we don’t recognize ourselves nor our life.

Here are 2 ways to get back in touch with who you are:

Close your eyes and think back to what you did as a child that brought you joy.

For me, it was dancing, singing, being surrounded by music and teaching. Now, when I look at what I spend my time doing, I am in such gratitude… I’m in a bowling league, I sing cabaret and I’m teaching people mindset, strategy and how to leverage the power of their mind. It took many years to come back to that. But it took getting laid off from Corporate America, to really allow me to take a hard look at who I am and what I wanted from my life. Sometimes, the hardest lessons provide the greatest rewards.

Self Hypnosis

All Hypnosis is self – hypnosis because the thoughts are driven from you, yourself. The beauty of self-hypnosis is that you can do it anyplace, anytime. All you need to do is set aside a few moments, take a breath or 2, focus on an area, pick a mantra that feels right like “I AM SAFE AND PROTECTED” if you’re feeling threatened or perhaps a statement like “EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR ME” if you are going through confusion or a stressful time. Allow yourself to say this over and over until it overwrites the emotion you’re feeling. To help you, I created an e-guide and self hypnosis audio which you can grab below. Just hit the button and it’ll bring you to the page to access it!  

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