Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart

Self-Hypnosis E-Guide and Audio

All hypnosis is self hypnosis and while private sessions are the perfect way to accelerate the process of creating lasting change. It’s also important to understand how to master your mind in the nooks and crannies of your day.


Imagine this…

You wake up late, you’re rushing and you didn’t take the time to center yourself before you begin your day, whether that be meditating, sitting in silence for five minutes, doing a form of exercise or anything that gives you some peace and allows you to connect and center yourself… then…

as you proceed through your day, one thing after another goes wrong and you can’t get seem to get it together. You’re feeling like you’re in a constant state of catch-up…

you’ve spilled your coffee… get stuck in traffic… forgot about the important meeting you have today… your computer crashes and puts you even more behind the 8-ball…

and when you do get home… you burn the dinner and just say please, please can I have a do-over?

The great news is… you do get a do-over! Every day! Every minute of every day is a chance to turn things around… and it all starts with not only having the tools, but knowing how to use them.

With this self hypnosis guide, you have the knowledge to put yourself in a TIME OUT and allow for your deep breathing and centered attention to shift your energy immediately… any time of the day.

This is for you if you...

  • Want to believe in yourself
  • Know how powerful your mind is and want to incorporate an elevated degree of focused attention
  • Understand the law of attraction and know that what you focus on expands
  • Want to take control of your life so that you are not victim to circumstances
  • Are extremely busy and need a way to quickly get out of your head
  • Need a tool to release what doesn’t serve you
  • Want more peace in your life
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➢ An e-guide of how to use self hypnosis, what hypnosis is and how you can gain the greatest benefit

➢ An audio to walk you through how to perform self hypnosis on yourself

➢ A quick hypnosis sample

➢ My private Facebook group for ultimate manifestation tips and strategies