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On February 14, 2020

Spreading the Love: When vs If

How One Little Word can make all the difference in how you manifest and live your life!


As you know, or maybe you haven’t experienced this, but self talk and the way you talk to others is so very important. Think about 1 or 2 areas of your life that are going swimmingly well. Did you think of one? Ok, great…feel into that! Think about WHY it’s going so well. How do you FEEL about it? Meaning, if your relationship is going well, it’s most likely because you have a healthy relationship with yourself first. Maybe even, you respect yourself and your partner respects you. Now, since you have a strong foundation, you may even look at relationships as expansive and an opportunity to love yourself and your partner more.

Now, let’s move our attention to an area of your life that may not be going as well. Let’s use finances just as an example. Perhaps you were raised with a mentality that money doesn’t grow on trees, or things were expensive. So, your view of money is skewed and more on the lack end. Maybe you take action to earn money, but it doesn’t actually materialize. I’ll tell you why!


It’s the When vs If


What does that mean? When you use the work “IF” you’re injecting doubt. Maybe you don’t mean to do it consciously, but subconciously, your belief has a lack undertone. Let me give an example “If I make more money, I will give back to the animal rescues” That statement doesn’t feel empowering at all. It’s almost like I’m expecting to fail. The dominant energy there is well I would like it, but it’s probably not going to happen.


Let’s change it now and flip it to “WHEN”

When I make 50,000 I will donate it to the animal rescue, invest into property so that my retirement is set. When I donate to the animal rescues, they can help so many strays and those who were left without a home. My earnings will continue to serve those who cannot help themselves, and support my future. The more I earn, the more I earn and the better it gets. The value I give is in direct proportion to the income I earn.


Can you see, hear and feel the difference? The WHEN statement is so powerful and leads into more of the positive because it gives not only hope BUT certainty!

Let’s hear your WHEN statement. Tweaking your self talk regularly is an aspect of self-hypnosis. I’m launching a self-hypnosis 3 day in our FaceBook Group Light Up Your Reflection. I invite you to join us to help switch your language creating more helpful habits that’ll positively impact your life!

Happy Valentine’s Day! And Much love to you today and always

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